Low Voltage/IT Network Infrastructure

Custom Engineering’s services focus on Project Management and Design of Facility requirements for technology infrastructure, IT and network systems, communications rooms, labs, data and network centers, including telecommunications, voice and data systems, cabling and IT Infrastructure. We work to design physical infrastructure that can be adapted to effectively maximize space utilization of all of technology areas within a facility. IT demands are ever changing in today’s world, and we can help you plan and design for future expansion and reconfiguration of your facility.

To allow for easy changes and provide growth utilizing the existing infrastructure, it is essential to have a backbone communications system that will provide access to telecommunications pathways and spaces as well as the cables used by the building’s existing systems. The initial infrastructure design is the key to expansion.


·         Coordinate with the owner’s IT staff to determine the level of quality and specific needs.

·         Design specification of horizontal copper cabling plant

·         Specification and layout of racks, frames, backboards, and cable trays

·         Specification of connectivity devices (jacks, faceplates, terminations, patch panels)

·         Coordination and space planning for owner-provided active equipment

·         Coordination with owner on the layout and connection of any Owner-provided wireless access points

·         Opinion of construction cost based upon the requested systems

·         Design and specification of access control and CCTV related to a renovation area

·         Design and specifications for display monitors

Critical Issues

Critical Issues need to be addressed during initial building design. Some of these IT Infrastructure critical issues are:

·         Increased heat loads due to the use of 1U Rack servers.

·         Increased branch circuit wiring due to the increased use of dual-corded equipment.

·         Increased use of 208 V AC power supplies.

·         Reduced net usable floor space due to equipment manufacturers requiring deeper equipment racks (currently as much as 40”).

·         Reduced net usable floor space due to increased clearance requirements in both the front and back of equipment cabinets.

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